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How can I receive a paper from this site? 
It's really easy! Just perform a keyword search for your paper topic. If you are not happy with the results, try a subject search instead. Once you locate a paper that will assist you, choose the 'send me this paper' link to have it sent to you today via email or fax! (Delivery is also available via Federal Express at YOUR option). If you can't locate any papers on your particular subject, choose the 'custom research' button to have us create a brand-new paper designed to help YOU with ANY topic by ANY specified date!!

How long will it take to receive the report that I order?
Not very long at all! Reports-And-Papers.Com provides the ultimate equation in student happiness: quality AND speed! Orders for reports located on this site are completed within just a few and night! Orders for custom research can be completed as quickly as the very next day! Take a look at our order forms for complete details and delivery choices!

How can I be assured of the quality of your papers?
A sensible question with an easy answer! Check out our site...look over the content.. pay attention to the grave attention to detail. Most importantly, think about the reality of what it means for us to have written over twenty-five thousand papers throughout the years. Nobody can match our experience. Still unsure? Choose the 'email us' button to see examples of our work. Email us with any questions about any particular paper(s) you find in our subject search. Request an excerpt from any paper that we have already produced. Be a smart consumer and our service will work great for you. We put great pride and effort behind every production, and have been doing so since 1994.  

How can I pay for and receive the reports I choose?
There are many choices you can make when ordering a report! Reports can be paid for by MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express, money order, personal check, or by cash at any Western Union Quick CollectT store.    Reports can be sent via email, fax, Federal Express or any combination of the three! To sum it all up, anyone...anywhere in the world...can receive a report from our site quickly..and easily!!!

What, exactly, is the difference between "on-file" reports and "customized" research?
Every day, creates dozens of brand-new, customized report and essay examples to assist students with very specific research needs. This customization service is available to all customers for only $19.95 per page with a free bibliography. Once a report or paper has been written, it becomes part of our files. It is to your advantage to search our existing inventory of reports and papers before opting to have us write a new one. If you find a report or paper on-file, it can be sent to you the same day you order for the reduced rate of only $9.95 per page..including a free bibliography! Thus, "on-file" papers and reports are those we've already written and "customized" research refers to new reports and papers--covering very specific topics to which YOU instruct us to adhere...

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